What are the credit repurchase organizations? Is it exclusively banks?

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While previously offered only by banks, credit buy-back offers can now be purchased from almost any financial institution. What are the different credit redemption organizations? How to choose the best intermediary? Explanations and advice.

Why make a credit redemption?

A borrower who owns several credits in his name can simplify his budget management by resorting to loan redemption. This operation makes it possible to subscribe a new credit encompassing all the loans previously subscribed. Thanks to this solution, the borrower can benefit from a more advantageous rate and benefit from a reduced monthly payment. It also has the opportunity to renegotiate its terms of repayment by extending the term of the loan.

It is possible to combine consumer loans and / or mortgages and bank overdrafts. In addition, new funding may be added to the transaction, depending on the applicant’s financial situation.

What are the credit repurchase organizations?

What are the credit repurchase organizations?

You have decided to set up a credit buyback? The idea is good if you need to reduce your debt ratio or increase your living income. The first step in carrying out this operation is finding the right organism. It must be understood that not all actors offer identical services.

Traditional banks for a simple financial arrangement

Most traditional banks offer an offer to buy back credit. Thus, to set up this operation, a borrower can directly request the services of his bank. These actors generally offer very simple financial packages. In case of refusal or if the proposal made by your bank does not suit you, do not hesitate to play the competition.

Consolidation of credits in a specialized institution

It is possible to turn to an organization specialized in the repurchase of credit. These bodies are for the most part subsidiaries of traditional big banks that set their own criteria for granting. Some may accept borrowers who are under guarantee conditions while others categorically exclude these profiles. In contrast to traditional banks, these institutions tend to more easily match the cash flow built into the credit buyback.

The repurchase of credit via a banking intermediary

To make a loan consolidation, the borrower can finally turn to an intermediary in banking and payment services. This professional works with several organizations and specialized banks to find the most advantageous offer. By appealing to a broker, the applicant receives full support throughout the process. Before you start, remember to check the seriousness of the IOBSP by consulting the single register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance.

After finding your credit redemption organization, you will have to build your file by gathering all the necessary supporting documents, finding the right insurance and signing the new loan offer. If you wish to benefit from assistance throughout the subscription, do not hesitate to contact a broker. In other cases, you can turn to a traditional bank or a specialized organization depending on the nature of the loans to be bought back and the complexity of your file.


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