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Perhaps every investment is based on knowing how much we can put aside or risk. But to do this, it is essential that we keep track of our expenses and revenues, which is probably the easiest thing to do on a smartphone if we find the right application. What is the best cashier app and for what, how much more do we want to save more effectively?

The checkered booklet has come to an end, and today, fortunately, you can download more applications to your mobile phone to easily keep track of your expenses and revenue. Selection may only be made difficult by the fact that the selected application may be paid or unavailable in Hungary. The latter include Money Level, which seems to be one of the best alternatives based on foreign accounts. If we can, let’s try this too.

We also tried several similar applications to find the best one. Which one is best for everyday use, which one is worth downloading to keep track of our finances? And how is it worth saving if we want to put more and more aside?

Which is the best mobile cashier?


Unfortunately we had the opportunity to view Money Level, which is not available in Hungary. It was a pity. By far the most appealing application among those we have seen. Transparent charts can be used to quickly read almost anything that gives you an idea of ​​how much you can spend in a given month. If someone may have access, look no further, check out this application.

Expense Manager can be a good alternative, but the app, also available in Hungarian as a publisher, knows everything you need but unfortunately half of it is only for money. You request $ 469 for statistics and cost-per-share distribution, but in return we get really useful features. You can keep track of what you spend, even in your own category, but you can also specify constant expenses like rent, common costs, etc. and you can save it all to a spreadsheet, where you can make graphs for free on your computer.


Very sophisticated application that can handle our earnings against our expenses

Very sophisticated application that can handle our earnings against our expenses

So we can always know what we can afford in a given month. Here, too, there are freely adjustable categories to organize your spending, regular editions, and everything on your PC, as you synchronize every single action with your account on the site. Anyone who likes small monsters to look after their finances can easily love this application. You will not get tired of it until you realize you have to pay for the best features here. In addition, in the monthly subscription system, it is 437 USD. Therefore, we can see our finances in unprecedented detail.

We also found two completely free apps in the app stores. Both are free-source apps available for Android only. Their advantages and disadvantages. With GNUcash, almost everything can be solved, revenue is managed in separate accounts, spending categories are freely changeable, but there are plenty by default. Perhaps it is too complicated at first, you have to figure out how to manage your finances.

You can’t love FinanceUS because of its design, but because it knows almost everything we want, for free. This application also does not guide the user in the way they use it, like Toshl, but when we get there we will be able to solve almost everything. It is especially good to be able to make a lot of statements with it, so we will have a good idea of ​​how much we are spending in each period.


We have found these to be the best and most usable applications


But this is the category where many solutions already exist. You might want to take a look around yourself if we can’t choose one of the solutions above. On the other hand, to avoid viruses and other pests, install only applications on a device that has an antivirus and search only in the official application stores.


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